The Lodge in Pictures

One of the greatest honors which can be bestowed on a Massachusetts Freemason is the Joseph Warren Medal.  Named after the Most Worshipful Grandmaster and Revolutionary Hero Dr. Joseph Warren, the award is given only to those Masons who have given exemplary service to Massachusetts Freemasonry.

RW Carroll's Warren Medal Night

In February, our good Brother Ethan was recognized for receiving training as Masonic Ambassador.

Saint Alban's Lodge is proud to be part of the Foxborough Community.  In 2012, the Lodge provided a contingent to march in the Founder's Day Parade - the first time in a long time.  It was a great time and enjoyed by both the Brothers and the those watching the parade.

Foxborough Founders Day 2012

In September our Lodge installed a new set of Brothers as Officers of the Lodge - they will continue leading Saint Alban's in growth and prosperity over the next year.

Saint Alban's 2011 Officer Installation

Saint Alban's Lodge meets every second Monday of the month.  Here are some pictures from our monthly communications in 2011.

Monthly Communications 2011/2012

Every year the Brothers of the Lodge deliver poinsettias to the widows of the Lodge.

Pictures from the 7th District Lodge of Instruction (2010)

Often we try to get out for some fun

Lodge Outings