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2014 04 | April Letter to the Brethren

posted Mar 31, 2014, 6:13 PM by Sean Adam   [ updated Jan 4, 2015, 5:13 PM ]
Greetings from the East, Brethren:

March was a great month at St. Albans. We were able to raise Bro. Ryan Buchanio to the sublime degree of Master Mason. Please congratulate Brother Ryan when you next see him. 

April is another busy month in the making. 

At our regular April meeting, we will be conferring the First Degree on two worthy candidates. Please attend the meeting as meet our soon-to-be Brothers.

April 12th is the Spring Square and Compass Day. It is also the day we will host a yard sale to raise money for the lodge. Please swing by to meet potential future candidates, as well as helping St. Albans raise needed funds. 

April 26th will see St. Albans hosting the family of Worshipful Bill Godfrey at 1PM to perform a Masonic Memorial Service.  Please be sure to attend if able. Worshipful Bill was a Mason in its truest form. 

April 30th is Lodge of Exemplification night. All the Lodges of the 7th Masonic District will be exemplifying the Third Degree in Freemasonry.  All Officers are required to attend. Please make it your duty that evening. Grand Lodge has stated that any Lodge in the 7th District who lacks a respectable number of officers that evening, be required to exemplify at their own cost at another date. St. Albans has never had this happen before, and we’d like to carry on the tradition of high attendance that evening. 

Lastly, I will be forming a committee to coordinate the Installation of Officers in the fall. If you are able to help with the planning/carrying out of this event, please let it be known. This year’s installation was fantastic, let’s make the next one even better!

Future Events:

May: Second Degree 
Please make note that under St. Albans by-laws, the May meeting will be on the SECOND TUESDAY of May, not on its usual Monday. This is to allow all Foxboro residents the chance to attend the Annual Town Meeting. 

We are also trying to plan a, “Ladies Night” dinner for our better halves. If you are able to help plan this event, please let me know. Our significant others deserve a night out on us, seeing as we spend, “One night a month” with our Brothers.

Also, we need help coordinating St. Albans Foxboro Founders Day. If anyone knows how to procure a school bus this year, please let me know. The 7th District has already committed to marching with St. Albans, and there are some who need some assistance getting to the meeting place ahead of time. R.W. Stan Gaw has already coordinated some convertibles to lead our march through town. 

June: Third Degree/Past Masters Night 
All Past Masters who wish to be a part of the raising of our next two Brothers please contact me to let me know what part you wish to take that evening. 

June is also the Annual Vote for the next year’s slate of officers. Please make sure to attend, so that your vote is counted. 

Paw Sox Night: Be on the lookout for a notice regarding St. Albans heading to Pawtucket to see the Paw Sox in action. McCoy Stadium, for those who don’t know, is the home of the Longest Baseball Game in History. Come out and see some future stars try to make a name for themselves and get to, “The Show”.

Now that Spring is here, we can all climb out of our winter caves, shake off the frost, and get back to those things we do best as Brother Masons.


Wor. Jon Schulhaus