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2013 03 | March Letter to the Brethren

posted Mar 6, 2013, 6:12 PM by Sean Adam   [ updated May 11, 2014, 5:55 AM ]
Fraternal Greetings Brethren, 

March is “In like a Lion out like a Lamb” or so the saying goes.  Thus the first hope of Spring arrives as 
just a date on the Calendar as we begin to look for the actual signs of it outdoors- The first shoots 
coming up from the ground and the return of the song birds of the morning, each eagerly anticipated.   
There are signs in our Lodge of new beginnings as well.  

As I begin the final lap of my two-year term as Master of Saint Albans, we begin to see the first signs of 
a newer group of Officers emerging into leadership. Brother Jon Schulhaus and Brother Jeff Buck, for 
instance, are attending Master’s Path soon; each beginning to plan and prepare for their likely terms as 
Masters. Another example includes Brother Ethan Irving, as Ambassador, taking full responsibility for 
planning and running the Spring Open House. You’ll also begin to see other Officers stepping up to the 
plate by leading Investigating Committees, leading charity work like the F1 Race and planning social 
events in the Lodge.  These are hopeful and exciting signs of the health of St. Albans. 

This new leadership is made possible by the confidence your Officers have in themselves and their 
ritual work. Over the last two years, their work has gotten better and stronger to the point where 
many tenured Brothers, echoing RW Jim Carroll’s statement at the last communication, feel that the 
Officer Suite is the best they’ve seen in recent memory.  Their Ritual Work is the Foundation and the 
Heart of the Lodge. From that foundation SAL is able to grow and excel in all areas. 

This coming week, you’ll have an opportunity to witness the third Third Degree Ritual SAL will do this 
year. You’ll like what you see as we raise Brother Rich Carey to the Sublime Degree. At the upcoming 
meeting, we’ll also be voting on two Worthy Fellows on Candidacy for the Degrees. If approved, we’ll 
have three more Fellows taking the Degrees before we go dark for the summer. 

My Brothers, as we hear of the right-sizing affecting Grand Lodge and the changes within our own 
District, I hope you take pride in the health of your own Home Lodge.  Growth, Leadership, Strong 
Ritual Work and Faithful Brothers are the defining characteristics of Saint Albans.  And as Spring 
approaches, we begin to see the cycle begin yet again. 

I’ll see you on the 11 th … 

W. Tom