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2012 02 | February Letter to the Brethren

posted Feb 1, 2012, 5:52 PM by Sean Adam   [ updated Aug 25, 2012, 7:55 AM ]

Greetings Brethren,

The next few months are pretty busy months for Saint Albans and I think you’d be proud of the activity in which your fellow Brothers are engaging to continue to grow and improve the Fraternity.

In fact, on January 31st  there is a perfect storm of activity taking place at the Lodge which will see it as packed as it gets at any normal regular meeting.  In one night we’ll see the officers meeting to rehearse the Second Degree Ritual while at the same time a group of Brothers will be coaching our Entered Apprentices downstairs on their First Degree ritual. In another corner (and out of earshot) the Investigating Committee will be meeting with a potential worthy fellow to take his First Degree in April. Lastly, at the request of the Finance Committee, the By-Laws Committee will be meeting to decide on what changes to propose to the Lodge in order to bring Saint Alban’s By-Laws up to speed with the anticipated changes at Grand Lodge. That’s a pretty bustling Lodge for a Tuesday Night.

Take into account the activity of all those hard working Brothers and add in the work done by our Secretary, our Angel Fund Rep, Ambassador, Cook, Webmaster and Treasurer and you begin to realize that the Lodge is really humming along.

Now add in all the extra activity with which Saint Alban’s is involved. We’ve got a social night at Cinema Pub coming up on Feb 17th and a Tour of Grand Lodge on March 25th. Lastly, we’ve got a strengthened and useful Lodge of Instruction being hosted by SAL on Feb 23rd.

It’s amazing how our Lodge continues to gain traction. And now we’re beginning to see some familiar faces coming back in for the Regular Monthly Communication and now there are more tables that need to be set for Dinner and Collation.

It’s really encouraging with what’s going on at Saint A’s.  If you haven’t joined us yet and if you haven’t stopped by the Lodge lately, then let me just say how much we miss you and want to see you again! It’s worth it.



Worshipful Tom