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2012 01 | January Letter to the Brethren

posted Dec 30, 2011, 2:32 PM by Sean Adam   [ updated Aug 25, 2012, 7:52 AM ]

Fraternal Greetings Brethren,

If you currently live in or near Foxboro, you know that there is an issue before the region that has quickly made us divisive and acrimonious. I imagine that our Fraternity, if polled, would reveal itself to be fairly split on this issue. The debate will continue to be an open sore for the community for many months to come as we decide, collectively, with how it should be dealt.

Although as citizens we have the right to be vocal advocates for what we believe, as Masons we have the responsibility to keep our passions in check.  It’s easy to do so when the issues are minor- but now we are faced with a major one affecting the vested interests of all. It’s hard not to get upset by the various things being said around town. There are those, indeed, who enjoy stirring up the pot to make it even more upsetting… just for the sport of it.  As this whirlwind surrounds us, can we be circumscribed with our neighbors and more especially amongst ourselves? Will we walk on the correct side of the line between being an Advocate and being an Agitator?


It’s not easy; no one said the lessons of our Fraternity were simple ones, but we have had the guidelines laid out before us.  One of the many benefits of a regular and well governed lodge is that it provides a refuge from the outside storm of classism, bigotry, and political ideology. We meet our Brother on the level and find friendship among those from who we might otherwise have remained perpetually distant. For this reason there is a rule in Masonry that we learn early on: Don’t discuss politics when within the Lodge. At this time, I am even more grateful for this rule than usual.  Within our Lodge walls we are a Brotherhood whose bond supersedes our individual politics. So as we venture forth and resume our participation in the on-going dialogue, let us remember to bring the lessons of our Fraternity with us. In the end, regardless of what the town decides, we will still be Neighbors and Brothers. So long as we hold true to that ideal, our Town and our Lodge will continue to be thriving communities.

And speaking of thriving, Saint Alban’s Lodge will have three new Worthy Fellows going through the First Degree ritual in the upcoming Monthly Meeting. The mysteries of Freemasonry and the lessons of our Fraternity that will guide us through this tough time will be as new to them as the year itself.

Please join us on January 9th and witness once again the rituals we hold so close… and learn once again those most  excellent tenets of our Fraternity that have made us strong throughout a succession of ages.



Worshipful Tom