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2014 05 | May Letter to the Brethren

posted May 11, 2014, 5:53 AM by Sean Adam   [ updated Jan 4, 2015, 5:13 PM ]

Greetings from the East, Brethren:

April was a busy month for St. Albans Lodge. We conferred the 1st Degree on our newest Brothers, Brother David Patrick Castles, and Brother Graham Lewis. They will be known from now on as the Worshipful Samuel Druce class. Wor. Druce was the second Worshipful Master of St. Albans, in 1821.

Square and Compass day was well represented by the members of the Lodge, but saw few potential Brothers come through the door. The good news was the Lodge made a good amount of money from the Yard Sale we held that same day.

Thank you to those who attended Brother William Godfrey’s Masonic Memorial Services. A special thank you goes out to the Officers who presided over the ceremony.

Thank you to the Officers who attended Exemplification. I am told St. Albans performed in exemplary fashion, as usual.

May’s meeting will be on May 13th, which is the second Tuesday of the month. This is due to the Annual Town Meeting in Foxboro on our regular meeting night. We will be conferring the 2nd Degree on our newest Brothers.

June will be on our regular meeting night, June 9th. We will confer the 3rd Degree that evening, during a “Past Masters Night”. We have a few Past Masters already enlisted to take on a part. We still need a few more. Please let it be known if you are able to help out.

We will also be voting for a new slate of Officers for next year.

Lastly, we will be having a discussion on two important matters regarding St. Albans:

  1. Raising Lodge dues to keep St. Albans in good/better financial standing.
  2. Discussing outstanding dues, and consequences for failure to pay.

June’s two big entertainment events are:

The Paw Sox Game on June 12th. Please see Brother Greg Wood for details.

Founders Day Parade on June 7th. I am sending the paperwork in this week to march in the parade. Should St. Albans have a booth at the playground that day as well, we would need volunteers to man the table that day.


See you all soon,

Wor. Jon Schulhaus

2014 04 | April Letter to the Brethren

posted Mar 31, 2014, 6:13 PM by Sean Adam   [ updated Jan 4, 2015, 5:13 PM ]

Greetings from the East, Brethren:

March was a great month at St. Albans. We were able to raise Bro. Ryan Buchanio to the sublime degree of Master Mason. Please congratulate Brother Ryan when you next see him. 

April is another busy month in the making. 

At our regular April meeting, we will be conferring the First Degree on two worthy candidates. Please attend the meeting as meet our soon-to-be Brothers.

April 12th is the Spring Square and Compass Day. It is also the day we will host a yard sale to raise money for the lodge. Please swing by to meet potential future candidates, as well as helping St. Albans raise needed funds. 

April 26th will see St. Albans hosting the family of Worshipful Bill Godfrey at 1PM to perform a Masonic Memorial Service.  Please be sure to attend if able. Worshipful Bill was a Mason in its truest form. 

April 30th is Lodge of Exemplification night. All the Lodges of the 7th Masonic District will be exemplifying the Third Degree in Freemasonry.  All Officers are required to attend. Please make it your duty that evening. Grand Lodge has stated that any Lodge in the 7th District who lacks a respectable number of officers that evening, be required to exemplify at their own cost at another date. St. Albans has never had this happen before, and we’d like to carry on the tradition of high attendance that evening. 

Lastly, I will be forming a committee to coordinate the Installation of Officers in the fall. If you are able to help with the planning/carrying out of this event, please let it be known. This year’s installation was fantastic, let’s make the next one even better!

Future Events:

May: Second Degree 
Please make note that under St. Albans by-laws, the May meeting will be on the SECOND TUESDAY of May, not on its usual Monday. This is to allow all Foxboro residents the chance to attend the Annual Town Meeting. 

We are also trying to plan a, “Ladies Night” dinner for our better halves. If you are able to help plan this event, please let me know. Our significant others deserve a night out on us, seeing as we spend, “One night a month” with our Brothers.

Also, we need help coordinating St. Albans Foxboro Founders Day. If anyone knows how to procure a school bus this year, please let me know. The 7th District has already committed to marching with St. Albans, and there are some who need some assistance getting to the meeting place ahead of time. R.W. Stan Gaw has already coordinated some convertibles to lead our march through town. 

June: Third Degree/Past Masters Night 
All Past Masters who wish to be a part of the raising of our next two Brothers please contact me to let me know what part you wish to take that evening. 

June is also the Annual Vote for the next year’s slate of officers. Please make sure to attend, so that your vote is counted. 

Paw Sox Night: Be on the lookout for a notice regarding St. Albans heading to Pawtucket to see the Paw Sox in action. McCoy Stadium, for those who don’t know, is the home of the Longest Baseball Game in History. Come out and see some future stars try to make a name for themselves and get to, “The Show”.

Now that Spring is here, we can all climb out of our winter caves, shake off the frost, and get back to those things we do best as Brother Masons.


Wor. Jon Schulhaus

2013 06 | June Letter to the Brethren

posted Jun 23, 2013, 9:14 AM by Sean Adam   [ updated May 11, 2014, 5:56 AM ]

Fraternal Greetings Brethren,   
Our June meeting may signal the close of another Masonic year but before we all scatter for the Summer season 
remember there is still some very important business to take care of at this meeting.  First we will be raising two 
Brethren to the sublime degree of Master Masons, we will be electing our slate of officers for 2013 – 2014 and 
finally we will be voting on candidates to start the degrees in the fall!  So some very important items that 
warrant your attendance and participation but,  if that is not enough I can further temp you with a collation 
featuring some of the best strawberry shortcake around! 
Also in June we will be marching in the Founder’s Day parade on June 8th(more details later in the notice), 
holding a MyCHIP program during the Founder’s Day field activities which will see, we hope, the 300,000 child 
go through the program and also pledging our support by donating canned food and/or money  to R.W. James 
Carroll as he participates in the American Cancer Societies Relay for Life.  As always my Brothers these events 
succeed or fall short based on your support so please make the effort to help them succeed by participating. 
Before I get to far ahead for myself I want to look back to our May meeting and thank the officers for there fine 
work and particularly single out the Senior Deacon, Br. Steven Flattery, for his fine rendition of the Middle 
Chamber lecture.  Once again Saint Alban’s showed that when it comes to ritual we all take it as a matter of 
personal pride to do it well and hopefully it instilled in the candidates that same pride so that when it is their 
turn to occupy the “chairs” they will understand the dedication and commitment it takes to do Saint Alban’s 
Brethren my term as Master of Saint Alban’s is growing ever shorter therefore so will my message from the East!  
I will close now; thank all of you for your support, friendship and dedication to the craft, and wish you a happy 
and safe Summer (after the June meeting). 
So Mote It Be.  

2013 05 | May Letter to the Brethren

posted Jun 23, 2013, 9:12 AM by Sean Adam   [ updated May 11, 2014, 5:56 AM ]

Fraternal Greetings Brethren,

In college I wrote a thesis on the book, "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad, the story of which was vividly, if inaccurately, recounted in the movie "Apocalypse Now". The book was compelling to me because of it's central theme and so I have found myself thinking of it quite a bit lately. Watching the horror of the Marathon Bombing while concurrently dealing with having our house broken into and robbed has left my family and me questioning the values of the people in our society. I think many of us, as we come to understand the vileness of the bombers, are wondering what is going on with the world. I guess many have done the same over the years as other horrible things like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor have happened.

In the "Heart of Darkness", the central theme is how a man reacts and carries himself when civil society is not there to police him or judge him. In other words, what moral compass and value set does he use to guide his actions when someone else isn't there to tell him what to do. The book gives us two answers; on the one side we have Marlow a man who finds himself alone in a jungle searching for an ivory trader  named Kurtz who represents the other side. One man embodies the best of who we are- without society to tell him how to behave; he is moral and industrious in his behavior. Kurtz, on the other hand, represents the capability of man to descend to savagery and idleness when society isn't there to guide his actions. The theme is eerily encapsulated when Marlow comes to Kurtz's camp and beholds the wall lined with skulls- but instead of the skulls looking out as a warning, they are all facing inward, as if judging.

This theme has been on my mind when I compare the actions of the bombers to the actions of Masons. On the one hand we see young men guided by an internal compass with a desire for revenge and terror without regard for their fellow human beings; the standards on our society having no impact on their actions. On the other hand, we see Masons guided by our own Compasses, keeping our desires within due bounds with all mankind;  we've come to Masonry of our own free will and accord, looking for a way to be better men- not because society tells us to, but because we want to.

And that's the thing that I keep coming back to. That choice that we all make... or really the hundreds of choices we make every day: Choices outside the bounds of society requirements, choices made without being forced by others. A choice for evil or a choice to become better men. We Masons choose to become better and we have sought out the company of others who feel the same way.  Kurtz in the end comes to realize the evil potential of men and whisper's "The Horror, the Horror".  But, in thinking of the Millions of Masons around the world, I prefer to end this message by echoing the recent thoughts of Patton Oswalt in which I find great comfort and hope. Oswalt sends a message to the villains of this world and writes "The Good outnumber you, and we always will".

So Mote It Be.

I'll see you on May 14th ( A Tuesday this month).


2013 04 | April Letter to the Brethren

posted Jun 23, 2013, 9:10 AM by Sean Adam   [ updated May 11, 2014, 5:55 AM ]

Fraternal Greetings Brethren,


Welcome to Spring! March was a brutal month with the cold and snow and we've envied our Brothers now residing in Florida- (Here's looking at you RW George!) But we seem to be coming out of it now; the grass is starting to green up and fun things are happening at the Lodge.


April 6th will be our Annual Spring Open House to the Public. Brother Ethan Irving is organizing the Lodge for the event and I hope you will find time to join us for a little while to help greet guests and give them a warm reception. A Strong lodge is the result of participation from its Brothers and your participation is strongly needed.


We'll have our regular meeting on April 8th, with three new worthy fellows joining us for the First Degree Ritual. Brother Jon will be able to join us again in May but Worshipful Gary will be filling in at Senior Warden this month and we're looking forward to his work. Come join us to welcome three new Brothers to the Lodge.


On April 17th, the Grand Master's Gala will be held at the Newton Marriott. Join the Grand Master for an evening of food, entertainment, dancing and fun! One of the great benefits of Masonry is the expanded world of Brothers open to us outside the four walls our Lodge. Take advantage of this kind of opportunity to treat your spouse to a fund evening and to expand your fraternal network.


At the end of the month the officers will have our participation in the annual exemplification of the second degree at Azure Lodge. This comes at a perfect time as we will be rehearsing for Second Degree for May.


So, good stuff this month, but only if you join us!


I'll see you at the Lodge on April 8th!


W. Tom

2013 03 | March Letter to the Brethren

posted Mar 6, 2013, 6:12 PM by Sean Adam   [ updated May 11, 2014, 5:55 AM ]

Fraternal Greetings Brethren, 

March is “In like a Lion out like a Lamb” or so the saying goes.  Thus the first hope of Spring arrives as 
just a date on the Calendar as we begin to look for the actual signs of it outdoors- The first shoots 
coming up from the ground and the return of the song birds of the morning, each eagerly anticipated.   
There are signs in our Lodge of new beginnings as well.  

As I begin the final lap of my two-year term as Master of Saint Albans, we begin to see the first signs of 
a newer group of Officers emerging into leadership. Brother Jon Schulhaus and Brother Jeff Buck, for 
instance, are attending Master’s Path soon; each beginning to plan and prepare for their likely terms as 
Masters. Another example includes Brother Ethan Irving, as Ambassador, taking full responsibility for 
planning and running the Spring Open House. You’ll also begin to see other Officers stepping up to the 
plate by leading Investigating Committees, leading charity work like the F1 Race and planning social 
events in the Lodge.  These are hopeful and exciting signs of the health of St. Albans. 

This new leadership is made possible by the confidence your Officers have in themselves and their 
ritual work. Over the last two years, their work has gotten better and stronger to the point where 
many tenured Brothers, echoing RW Jim Carroll’s statement at the last communication, feel that the 
Officer Suite is the best they’ve seen in recent memory.  Their Ritual Work is the Foundation and the 
Heart of the Lodge. From that foundation SAL is able to grow and excel in all areas. 

This coming week, you’ll have an opportunity to witness the third Third Degree Ritual SAL will do this 
year. You’ll like what you see as we raise Brother Rich Carey to the Sublime Degree. At the upcoming 
meeting, we’ll also be voting on two Worthy Fellows on Candidacy for the Degrees. If approved, we’ll 
have three more Fellows taking the Degrees before we go dark for the summer. 

My Brothers, as we hear of the right-sizing affecting Grand Lodge and the changes within our own 
District, I hope you take pride in the health of your own Home Lodge.  Growth, Leadership, Strong 
Ritual Work and Faithful Brothers are the defining characteristics of Saint Albans.  And as Spring 
approaches, we begin to see the cycle begin yet again. 

I’ll see you on the 11 th … 

W. Tom 

2013 02 | February Letter to the Brethren

posted Feb 5, 2013, 5:46 PM by Sean Adam   [ updated May 11, 2014, 5:54 AM ]

Fraternal Greetings Brethren,

Brethren, I would like to thank all those in attendance at our January meeting for helping to raise our candidate to the sublime degree.  We are very pleased to welcome Br. Matthew Wayne Small as Saint Alban’s newest Master Mason.  Special thanks to all the officers for there fine work, the gates and R.W. John Platt for his rendition of the Canadian Charge.

My Brothers I hope you have all recovered from your Super Bowl disappoint of not seeing our hometown team in the big game.  But if your still in the doldrums or just want to see our Senior Deacon put on the spot, come out to this months meeting and see Brother Flattery take on the Middle Chamber Lecture.  Yes, this month Saint Alban’s will be passing one candidate, Br. Richard Patrick Carey IV, to the degree of Fellow Craft.  Also remember that this month is Valentines Day and our chef, Br. Allan, will be serving up a great meal so bring your Valentine to the dinner (you know you promised her a great night out with so live up to that promise)!  We will also be receiving the DDGM of the 7th Masonic District, RW Stanley C. Gaw this month for a Fraternal visit.

We have several events coming up that I want to bring to your attention.  First is the Hockey night at Providence Bruins on February 8.  If you have signed up but not received your tickets please let me know immediately!  Second the International Order of Rainbow Girls is again sponsoring the Hiram Cup at F1 in Braintree.  If you remember last year Saint Alban’s had the most drivers raised enough money to enter 3 drivers in the race.  Each driver must have a sponsorship of $250 so lets each pitch in a little and see if we can beat last year’s numbers and BRING HOME THE CUP (more information can be found further back in this notice). Lastly please keep June 8th open on your calendar, it is Founder’s Day in Foxborough and the Lodge will again be participating in the event.  Last year we had a strong contingent in the parade and it was great to hear how well the people along the parade route responded as the Mason’s passed by.  I would like to continue to build on that this year so again please hold June 8th open on your calendar.

As always Brethren it is a pleasure to be your Master and I thank you for the support.


 W. Tom

2013 01 | January Letter to the Brethren

posted Jan 22, 2013, 6:43 PM by Sean Adam   [ updated May 11, 2014, 5:54 AM ]

Fraternal Greetings Brethren,

I hope you and your families had a wonderful Holiday and that you rang in the New Year among friends!

This year we look forward to seeing Saint Albans continue to evolve while still maintaining the solid traditions and precepts that we all value so much.  When you next come to the Lodge Building you will be pleased to see the new paint job that Worshipful Peter and his crew have done in the hall itself. Blue walls with Gold Trim have really improved the look quite a bit. Last year saw many improvements to the Building and more are on the way in 2013. We’ve been so lucky to have Worshipful Peter (with the Trustees support) attending to the building.

January 14th will be our next regular communication and we’ll be raising Brother Mathew Small to the sublime degree. This will be the first Third Degree performed by the current suite of officers and I hope you will attend to see just how good they are at this ritual.  Another good reason to attend is that we’ll have some guest visitors from Harmony Lodge in Cranston, RI who will be making an interesting Presentation to our Lodge.

I would be remiss if, before I conclude, I failed to mention the good work being done by Brother Bob Churchill on behalf of the Masonic Angel Fund. Brother Bob has invested a significant amount of his personal time on behalf of the youth in our community by meeting with other leaders of philanthropic organizations and with leaders in the schools enabling our fund to be used to the best effect benefiting those who need help. In December, through the fund and matching funds from Grand Lodge, Brother Bob distributed over $2000 to the needy- Thank you Brother Bob for all your hard work. 

My Brothers, I look forward to seeing you on January14th.


W. Tom

2012 12 | December Letter to the Brethren

posted Dec 3, 2012, 4:40 PM by Sean Adam   [ updated Feb 5, 2013, 5:48 PM ]

Fraternal Greetings Brethren and Happy Holidays!


Last month we had a great mini “Step Up Night” at our regular communication with Brother Jeff Buck (JW) sitting in the East to open and close the Lodge. Brother Jeff did a great job and I’m looking forward to seeing him in the East on a permanent basis in a few years.

Congratulations to Br. Small who took his second step in Freemasonry by being passed to the degree of Fellow Craft.  We were extremely lucky to have Worshipful Jim Haskell in the Oriental Chair for the Second Degree Ritual Work for the evening. Worshipful Jim’s ritual work was impeccable, as usual, and the night was a big success. I’d like to thank all the Brothers and Officers who came together to support Brother Jeff and Worshipful Jim to make the evening work so well.

We’ll be having some fun for this upcoming Monthly Communication on December 10th; we’ll be suspending our Third Degree Work (until January) due to the In-Town Monday Night Football Game with the Patriots vs Texans. Instead of Degree Work we will just have a regular opening and conduct such business as may regularly come before the Lodge. Then we’ll close out the meeting quickly so as to adjourn downstairs to watch the Pats on the Lodge’s Flat Screen TV.

I’d also like to draw your attention to a few significant anniversaries for some of our Lodge’s Brethren.

The following Brothers have achieved significant Veteran Status:

            Brother Gordon Barker                       65 Years

            Brother Alan Ferestien                        65Years

            Brother Witmore Turner Jr.                65 Years

            Brother Robert Rogers                       60 Years


I hope to see you on the 10th to join us for some great fellowship and Football!


W. Tom

2012 11 | November Letter to the Brethren

posted Nov 13, 2012, 5:43 PM by Sean Adam   [ updated Feb 5, 2013, 5:47 PM ]

Fraternal Greetings Brethren,



Congratulations to our newest member Br. Matthew Wayne Small Mason who was welcomed into the Fraternity last month.  I would like to thank all the officers for their fine work.  And I encourage all the members to come out this month to hear our new Senior Deacon, Br. Steven Flattery, take on the challenge of the Middle Chamber Lecture.  He has done a great job in rehearsals but could use your support from the sidelines to seal the deal.


A reminder to please continue to bring donations to the Foxboro Discretionary fund to the Lodge.  We had a great month last month with donations but I’m sure we can do better so please make the effort to bring what you can to the meeting this month and help those less fortunate.


Please review the upcoming events listed below and participate as you can but I want to call specific attention to our Poinsettia distribution to the Widows of the Brethren of Saint Alban’s.  Br. Churchill does a great job each year coordinating this event so please do your part and come out on December 1st and help distribute the Poinsettias.  Meet at the Lodge at 9:30 a.m., get a flower and go meet some truly wonderful ladies.


Well since the Secretary is breathing down my neck I will keep this message short but I do want to extend to all my Brethren and their families best wishes as we enter the Holiday season.   And remind you of Jacob’s Ladder, which had 3 rounds denominate Faith, Hope and Charity and that the greatest of these was Charity.   Please make this sentiment more than just ritual, make it a reality.




W. Tom

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